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The Story of You and Me Date: Monday, 21st May 2018 Time: 6.30 PM to 8:15 PM Presenter: Gurprriet Singh Topic: Ab Mera Kya Hoga? Mitron, Namaste! I begin this time with a short story. “I want to be a coach,” I announced to my friend, one hot summer day. We were sitting guzzling beer and talking about how people mid-career as well as retired from service, give shape to their second avatars. Some, my friend told me, move into a fulfilling space called ‘coaching’. I was intrigued. I wanted to know more about this coaching business, I told him. “If you really want to know more and are serious about it, why don’t you check out the guys at the AMC?’ he replied. After getting the details from my friend, I finally landed, one Monday evening in classroom T3 at the MET. I walked in nervously and immediately, I heard a warm voice call out to me, “Hey there, you new to this place?” “Yes”, I replied with a nervous smile. “Come on in, have a samosa!” he said, and as I munched on that heavenly thing called a samosa, my new friend began to introduce me to some of the people present. And that was my introduction to the world of coaching. Over time at the AMC, getting to know friendly experienced coaches, learning from them, participating in all the wonderful webinars and monthly sessions, I got to know more about what coaching meant, how to get certified etc. Over time I got certified and one fine day I could finally announce to the world – “Hey everybody, I am a coach!” But now began the hard part; How do I meet the right people? How do I segment the market? How do I find the right niche for myself? How do I deal with procurement? How do I make cashflows easy? How do I negotiate? How do I market, build my brand, and keep myself sharp? And the most dreadful of all, how do I SELL? Questions, questions and more questions! Entrepreneurship, I was starting to discover, was lonely and difficult. Does that read a little, little like your story? And are you experiencing the same dreads as the guy in the story? Fikar not, help is on the way. We have invited Gurprriet Siingh, Senior Client Partner at Korn Ferry to walk us through some ways of resolving all the niggling issues. Gurprriet should know. Starting life as an entrepreneur, he ran a business for 8 years, which he tanked twice; once due to incompetence and the other due to arrogance – these losses, he says, have been his greatest teachers in life. Have a look at some of Gurprriet’s achievements; • Setup 2 new offices of a consulting firm • Turned around another consulting firm. • Setup the HR and OD function in a large Indian conglomerate. Turned it around in another. • Has led organization change on a large scale. • Has been a coach for about 8 years. • Led Top Team interventions for about 15 years. As a coach, he uses Appreciative Inquiry as a core pillar of his work. His coaching style ranges from counseling to encouraging to challenging, provoking and sometimes even disciplining. He believes his only role is to awaken the individual and it is up to him as a coach, to find the appropriate intervention to do so. Gurprriet is married, and a father of 2 daughters. He believes his only purpose is that they become financially independent and responsible citizens. If the Story of You and Me intrigues you, don’t miss this absolutely spot on session to deal with all the things you as a coach dreaded doing the most. RSVP now Spread the word and invite guests Our members are welcome to invite guests who are interested in coaching. As you know, there is no charge for attending the first meeting. Members, who have not contributed towards the annual membership fee, may attend meetings for a nominal fee of Rs. 500/- per meeting, which can be paid to any of the Managing Committee members at the meeting. Don’t forget to RSVP and make a not I your calendar for this absolutelt unmissable session by Gurprriet. In case you have registered, but are unable to attend, you can email Mohan Madiman at Happiness always. Uday Arur


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